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Thank you so much!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and then not giving it.” William Arthur Ward

Who wants to do that? Wrap a present and then not give it? That’s plum crazy. What a waste!

When we’re young, we learn to say magic words and phrases that make us more polite and well-mannered. We should never outgrow their use as they should often be on our lips. One such phrase, “thank you”, is one of the simplest ways to show our gratitude and appreciation and to recognize another’s value.

It’s well-established that being grateful is good for your own health. Not only does it make you feel good, it’s also good for the other person – you make them feel pretty wonderful too, because they feel recognized and not taken for granted.

There are endless opportunities to say “thank you” socially and professionally –

· A stranger holds the door for you when your hands are full of packages

· Your barista starts making your “usual” as soon as they see you walk in the door

· A family member passes the salt (& pepper) when you ask for it

· Your neighbor promptly returns a mis-delivered package of yours

· An industry peer emails you an important article just ICYMI (in case you missed it)

· The receptionist at your doctor’s office is able to squeeze you in for a last-minute appointment

· Your spouse carries the household responsibilities when your work week is intense

· A colleague gives you a head’s up about the topic your boss wants to discuss

These aren’t grand gestures but each little nicety of civility and kindness helps make your mood, your day, and your week that much brighter. So please return the favor and smile and say, “thank you”.

Now when someone does something over and above – has you over their home for a small dinner party, gives you a present, or invites you to sit at their table at a gala, you should take a moment and handwrite a thank you note. And when in doubt – say another parent regularly drives your child home from school tennis practice or the like - why not write and send a thank you note? Heartfelt, handwritten thank you notes take your “thank you” to a whole new level.

Thank-you notes are to be mailed within the week. The sooner you do it, the less likely you're to forget to do it. Oftentimes, despite the best intentions, it's hard to get that note written and out the door because you don’t have stamps or stationery, or you don’t know the mailing address. To help set you up for success, be prepared. Keep a supply of stamps and stationery within easy reach.

We hope you feel grateful for something today - and that you let the other person who caused it know! 

Our days are better when we have a good attitude and our “thank yous” can help bring some joy to another's day too. Joyfully act the way you want to feel and the way you want to be. Mindsets do matter! We hope your week just gets better and better.

P.S. Another magic word use tip – say “please” before your request because when you say it at the end, it sometimes looks added on like an afterthought.


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