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We're Catherine and Jessica, the ladies behind Marvelously Well-Mannered.  


We're civility, etiquette, modern manners and social skills experts and we get the most joy out of helping understand that possessing manners, etiquette and dining skills make everything - and we mean everything - better, both professionally and personally. We should know - we not only worked on Capitol Hill at the same time, we're also mother-daughter. Visit with us over a cup of coffee, cup of tea, or a glass of prosecco and we'll talk with you for hours about proper napkin placement, well-written thank you notes, and conversation starters - but only if you want too!


Ours has been a lifetime passion for manners and etiquette! 

Esther Reilly Crane, Catherine’s mum, started her down the proper,

polite path. Mary Wallace, Jessica’s paternal grandmother, gifted

Jessica with her very first etiquette book. Jessica poured over

that 1882 social cyclopedia (pictured at right) on every visit. Mary

had it rebound, and it sits on her library shelf today. How marvelous! 

Additionally, we're trained by the Protocol School of Washington

in business etiquette and have experience with Fortune 500 businesses,

Capitol Hill offices, events and DC protocol. We also trained in children's              Learn manners and be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons

etiquette at the International School of Protocol.


Catherine provides engaging and dynamic civility and business etiquette,

personal branding, and dining skills classes at the prestigious Capitol Hill Club. She and Jessica provide tailored classes to corporate and non-profit government affairs teams, as well as PAC professionals.

Catherine worked for ten years on Capitol Hill in various capacities in the United States Senate and under the Clerk of The United States House of Representatives. She is a former teacher, having led classrooms in nursey school and middle school. Marvelous manners are essential to a happy and healthy life and her philosophy is, “if you don’t make it special, no one else will either.” So dress for the occasion, use your crystal & china, and engage in delightful chit-chat.


Jessica worked for five years in the United States House of Representatives, including her last position as Majority Counsel on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Prior to that, she was an associate at a large law firm is DC, and for over a decade has been running  - and still does - the Washington Government Affairs office for a Fortune 500 company. This experience reinforces her belief that social skills are a lifesaver in the office, "Dining etiquette is an essential skill for everyone, good manners should not be saved for special occasions, and the best thing about manners is that while priceless, they're free!"


We co-wrote The Marvelous Millennial’s Manual to Modern Manners and co-created the award-winning (Creative Child’s Magazine’s Game of the Year, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Mr. Dad Seal of Approval, Recommend, and Homeschooling Parent Seal of Approval) children’s manners, social skills and etiquette board game, KINDNESS KINGOM.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 8.19.55 AM.png
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