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It's Just the Beginning!

"Big things have small beginnings." - Prometheus

Recently, we wrote about how we truly believe September is the new January. Fall gives us the sense of new energy and rejuvenation - like anything is possible. This is the time of year when we are especially reflective as we assess where we are, what we've accomplished and what we want to do to move forward in all aspects of our live - work, friends/social and family. What do you want to do? What are your goals? But mind you, you don't need to put together a grandiose list of goals.

Indeed, we've all heard how small things can make a big difference. While this is true with many aspects of life, it is particularly true with your deportment. So why not make one of your goals improving your personal deportment?

By deportment we mean your physical bearing – how you carry yourself, your posture, your poise and your conduct and stance - this focus will greatly improve your personal brand. Small changes here result in a big transformation where you ultimately carry yourself effortlessly with grace and confidence.

Why is having marvelous deportment and being poised so important? We think it makes you feel good - you become comfortable in your own skin and your self-respect is evident to all. This quiet confidence makes you attractive to other people and spurs you to engage and socialize with others - at work, at play and with your family. And the more you do that, the better you get at it and the more fun you have. Personal deportment is a force-multiplier of goodness and positivity. Who couldn't use more of that in their life?

If you could use more goodness and positivity, here are 5 quick steps you can immediately take - today - to start down the path of being more poised and elegant:

  1. Have good posture. We aren't talking ramrod straight but we are talking about being tall and proud when you're standing and sitting. Slouching is not a kind look. Think of a balloon on a string being affixed to the top of your head and it's gently pulling up your head. Your chin should be parallel to the ground. You will look confident.

  2. Smile more. Smiling makes you seem friendly and approachable. Do you like to socialize with someone with a scowl on their face? Don't be that person. When you smile, the world smiles back!

  3. Slow down. Poised people are not frazzled people. They don't scurry around all frantic and flustered. Move your body in a graceful and fluid manner. And try to be on time for events so that you aren't rushed. Make time to be gracious.

  4. Don't play with your hair, touch your face or otherwise fidget. Many ladies have the habit of doing these actions when they're nervous or unsure of themselves. It doesn't look cute or becoming - particularly at work or when dining.

  5. Don't cross your legs at the knee. We know, we know - it's so comfortable and you feel chic doing it! But it isn't good for your health - varicose veins, anyone? And it increases the chance that you could have a wardrobe malfunction when you're wearing a dress or skirt. Instead, sit toward the end of the chair, with your knees and ankles together. You may lean your knees to one side and cross at the ankles for comfort. If you lean your knees to the right, and want to cross your ankles, put your right ankle in front of your left leg. If you want to lean your knees to the left, then cross with your left ankle in front of your right leg. It makes for an elegant silhouette.

While each of these steps probably don't seem very groundbreaking on their own, as the quote up top explains, all big things have small beginnings - and that includes your deportment. You'll be amazed about how much better you'll feel and look by making these incremental improvements. There are countless improvements one can make to perfect their personal deportment but we think this list is a great start.

Have a marvelous week!


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