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Be the toast of the town, even if you’re (wisely) staying in this new year’s eve!

Catherine always says, "if you don't make it special no one else will either." Well, we’ve made it through 2020 and that feat is indeed something to celebrate!

As you ring in 2021 make it more special by doing a toast. Champagne, prosecco and cava toasts are fun and festive and so bubbly! But toasts can be done with anything, including non-alcoholic beverages. That said, we don’t advise toasting with water, as many are superstitious of that practice and believe it brings bad luck. And we want to focus on only GOOD luck for everyone in 2021.

Here are some of our top tips for being poised and giving a fantastic toast. These tips are for when you are at a larger social gathering, but practice makes perfect. So why not practice, even if you’re in your jammies at home? That way, when you do get out & about in 2021, you’ll be poised and ready to hold your own with the best of them. Here are our (really, Catherine’s) 3Cs:

1. Commence. Stand if you are talking to a large group. Instead of clinking your glass to get everyone’s attention let a few others know you are about to start so they can help quiet the room. Grip the glass by the stem (not the bowl). It looks much more elegant and refined. Hold the glass down near your waist and chest area while you speak. Hold your arm too high for the entire toast and you it will feel like it’s about to fall off! So again, keep your arm down a bit.

2. Be concise. No one likes a long toast. The best ones are the shortest ones – no more than a minute or so.

3. Conclude. This is when you lift your glass up toward eye level, smile and make eye contact with your audience and then take a sip while never looking inside the glass. Instead, look over the rim at the people you’re with. It’s most appropriate to raise your glass in this manner though some people do like to clink glasses. We tend not to do that – we don’t want to accidentally crack the glasses. But if literally everyone you are with is doing it, it’s ok if you go with the flow and do it too so you don’t look like a stick in the mud. It’s really a facts and circumstances type of situation.

It’s important to always be kind with your toast. Never be vulgar, mean or embarrass someone with a toast. Think back to some best man toasts you’ve heard. Do you still cringe at the memory? Well, we never want to make others feel like this. We don’t like “inside jokes” as toasts either because it makes other people who aren’t in on the joke feel excluded. And the thing about toasts are they are supposed to be joyous celebrations with others.

It takes a lot of effort to make something look effortless, including giving a marvelous toast. So if you know you are supposed to be giving one, do carve out a bit of time to do some thinking, make it personal and heartfelt. It is perfectly appropriate to get some help from poems, books or stories as inspiration. You don’t want to ramble. And yes, you should practice a few times. But relax and enjoy – your intent is to spread joy with your words, like throwing confetti!

And remember, if you are ever lucky enough to be the person being toasted do not take a sip from your glass – one doesn’t drink a toast to oneself, just like one doesn’t sing “Happy Birthday” to oneself. Instead, smile and raise your glass and say, “thank you”. Wait a second or two until the moment has passed and then tilt your glass and take a sip!

Cheers to a happy, prosperous, healthy and marvelously well-mannered new year!


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