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Are you cheery or weary this holiday season?

We know that 2020 has been a banana of a year and many of you are counting the days for the new year to start. But, in the remaining days of the year, how are you going to show up to your office's Zoom holiday party? It matters. Follow our five tips and you'll be showing up with grace and poise.

  1. PARTICIPATE. Yes, if this qualifies for your office party this year, you should attend the Zoom get-together. This is your work team and you are a part of it. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your colleagues and get to know them better, increasing trust. Hopefully, your boss would have scheduled the Zoom get-together toward the work day so as to not infringe on your personal time.

  2. NO GRINCHES ALLOWED. Show up on the call with a smile and a spirit of gratitude and kindness. Holidays can be hard. This year has even more stress than usual. Show grace.

  3. WATCH THE ALCOHOL. How jolly is too jolly? Follow your boss' lead as to whether it's appropriate to indulge on the call in a cocktail or glass of wine - particularly if the event is before the workday officially ends. And as this event is likely to be an hour tops, one glass is best!

  4. EAT ELEGANTLY. If this event is really a "party" it is permissible to eat on the call. But remember, take small bites, chew with your mouth closed, chew quietly and avoid sloppy foods. Remember, you're on camera! Having a napkin handy is key - so much better than licking fingers!

  5. DON’T TALK TOO MUCH SHOP. A little is understandable but really make an effort to talk about fun, uplifting and interesting topics - a book you just read, a podcast you are listening too, you latest DYI holiday baking fail (or success) or the trip you are planning post-COVID! But please don’t forget to ask questions of others – don’t be a conversation hog and no interrupting. The "mute" button is your friend - put yourself on mute when you aren't talking.

We also want to remind you to follow your organization's gift-giving policy. But a fail-proof always appropriate way to show appreciation is to send a handwritten note to colleagues and members of your team. No time or energy pre-holiday? Totally, understandable and no problem. We can think of nothing better than starting off the new year by dashing off a few heart-felt notes to those with whom we work with in the trenches to do good work day-in & day-out. It feels good to write those notes and it feels wonderful to be on the receiving end too. What's not to love about that?

Follow these tips and your holiday season will be much more jolly than folly.

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