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May I Take Your Hand?

Did you know shaking hands used to be a way to show you weren’t carrying weapons, weren’t a threat, and wouldn’t do any harm? Handshakes were definitely a good thing!

Thankfully, the art of shaking hands has stood the test of time. Today, handshakes still show that you are friend, not foe – that you are warm, kind and confident. They can really help set the tone for your business success. Handshakes are the physical greeting that accompany your words. Your handshake reveals a great deal about your personality and feelings and it certainly reveals your attitude towards the person whose hand you are shaking.

When done incorrectly, a handshake can harm someone – you – by hurting your personal brand and your ability to connect well with other people.

There are a few types of bad handshakes out there. Unfortunately, at one time or another, we are sure you have experienced at least one of the following …..

· The bone-crusher where someone literally tries to crush your hand in an attempt to dominate and show confidence. This handshake shows insecurity.

· The princess or limp-fish where someone only extends a weak and partial hand for you to shake. Some do it because they want to appear “ladylike” or above it all. However, It signals weakness and that they really don’t care to meet you.

· The hand-hug where someone uses both hands to shake your hand. While they are trying to signal enthusiasm and sincerity it signals insincerity, particularly if it’s the first time you’ve met them.

Don’t make these mistakes. Be marvelously well-mannered by giving a firm, full handshake. Another tip, don’t reach across a table to shake hands. Instead, take the time to stand up and walk around to face the person for a proper handshake.

Have a marvelous week - Catherine & Jessica

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