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Manners Matter: Don't Be A Noisy Colleague

More and more employers are saying critical social skills and manners are in short supply today. Employers want employees who can well-respresent the organization, effectively communicate, and politely co-exist with colleagues and customers alike. They want employees who show respect in the workplace. To have good social skills one must possess good manners. One cannot work well with others if one doesn't know how to treat them with respect and kindness. To be well-mannered one must follow the Golden Rule: to treat others the way they would like to be treated. Think about it, don't you like to work with people who treat you well? To treat others well you must be considerate of them.

What can you do to be well-mannered in the workplace? One easy area to focus on is to avoid needlessly invading the auditory and physical space of others. Noisy colleagues is a top complaint, particularly as more organizations embrace open-concept work spaces.

To avoid being pegged as a noisy, rude colleague don't disrupt others working in close proximity to you with loud talking, gum-snapping, nail-clicking when typing or other noises.

Additionally, let colleagues know you are approaching them by being in their line of sight - approach from the side or head-on (avoid coming over their shoulder and startling them) whenever possible. When approaching someone in a cubicle, gently knock at the opening, do not pop your head over the cubicle like a gopher. No one likes to be ambushed.

Small steps like these can make everyone's workday more pleasant and productive and set you up for workplace success.

Have a marvelous week - Catherine

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