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Business Etiquette Is Good For the Bottom Line

It is important for business leaders and management to take care of their staff. An important part of taking care of staff means making sure they enjoy a healthy work environment. Bosses can do a lot to create and maintain a positive and civil work environment, one that encourages professionalism, productivity and loyalty.

The downside of not focusing on civility and business etiquette is real. Incivility in the workplace:

  • harms an organization’s reputation, making it hard to find top-notch staff

  • harms productivity as employees spend their time worrying about toxic colleagues instead of focusing on the job at hand

  • harms an organization by making it hard to keep top-notch staff

We at MWM encourage bosses everywhere to set the tone in their workplace by making civility and business etiquette a top priority. It is the right thing to do, it makes everyone feel better and it makes good business sense.

Bosses need to be the example of civility. They should treat everyone with respect and kindness. Saying "hi" when encountering others, holding the door for someone. Small actions like these examples matter. Bosses need to watch their tone when speaking to others - there is no need to yell, belittle, swear or act condescending. They shouldn't encourage office gossip by participating in it. When bosses see rude behavior, they shouldn't sweep it under the rug - they need to address it by calmly and clearly telling the employee what was rude and how that behavior will not be tolerated. If bosses don't nip it in the bud, others will thing they endorse it. Incivility can be like a weed and soon take over.

By fostering a civil business environment, bosses play a key role in creating a workplace that is more pleasant and productive. Now that just makes good business sense.

Have a marvelous week - Catherine

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