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The Ease And Elegance Of A Handkerchief

We call to your attention the overlooked but particularly important and useful accessory that helps improve your appearance – the crisp, white cloth handkerchief. It is one of the easiest ways to exhibit confidence and elegance.

Your handkerchief should be pressed, folded and clean. You may monogram or embroider it to add some personal branding flair. You should always carry one. Or you could carry two. As a friend's father used to explain to him, "Carry two, one for you and one for someone else in need.”

If someone lends you their handkerchief and you use it for your nose, do not return immediately. Wash and press it before returning (yes, you may mail it). If you use it to merely dab a tear away, then it is acceptable to return it on the spot.

Do not sneeze into your hands - the proper place to sneeze is into a handkerchief. We prefer the handkerchief to a paper tissue. By the time we get the tissue package out of our purse, open it, and pull out a single paper tissue, our sneeze has long passed. Contrast that to using a handkerchief where we just open our purse and bring the pristine cloth directly to our nose.

If you inexplicably find yourself without either, turn away from those with whom you are with and sneeze into your elbow. While some advocate shielding your nose with your left hand as you sneeze into your left shoulder, we have yet to figure out how to do that gracefully.

Have a marvelous week - Catherine

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