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Even Though We Have Marvelously Sunny Dispositions it is Wise to Carry an Umbrella in Inclement Weat

Has it been unseasonably rainy in your neck of the woods? It has been in ours. Learn the rules of marvelous umbrella etiquette and you too will be singing in the rain.

Smaller tote umbrellas are easier to handle and store when not in use because they easily fit into most work bags or larger purses.

Should you use a larger umbrella, the rules governing its use are based on common sense. When your larger umbrella is not in use, it is to be carried vertically with the tip end pointed toward the ground. It is never to be carried resting on your shoulder with the tip pointed toward the sky. Nor is it ever to be placed horizontally under your arm with the tip pointed out behind you. Both of these modes of carriage are incorrect and harmful to those in the surrounding vicinity. Let’s strive not to stab others with the umbrella tip.

Opened umbrellas cause you to take up more personal space. It is important to be mindful of those around you. When sharing the sidewalk with others, raise your umbrella over the heads of others, tip it to the side, or lower it as necessary, to avoid bumping them. Do not use a gargantuan golf umbrella on a busy sidewalk. Don’t take up more than your fair share of the communal space.

Please do not place a wet umbrella on a seat next to you when riding public transportation as this will cause the seat next to you to be useless for another passenger. Likewise, do not place wet umbrellas on taxi seats as this will cause future passengers distress.

Wrap your umbrella when not in use and hold the umbrella so that it drips on to the floor. Many public buildings provide plastic covers to help keep the floors safe and dry. Please use them if provided.

When leaving a restaurant or shop, please leave with the umbrella that you actually came with and not the one you wish you had. It is never marvelously well-mannered to upgrade like that.

Have a marvelous week - Catherine

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