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Have A Marvelous Meeting By Following These Tips.

How much of your day is spent in meetings? If you think “too much” you are not alone. But meetings are a way of life in the business world. It is important to remember that your manners in these business meetings reveal a lot about you. To help put your best foot forward with your boss, colleagues and clients here are some great business etiquette pointers.

  • Be on time. Don’t waste other people’s time by making them wait. Doing so sends the message that you think your time is more valuable than theirs.

  • Present well by having good deportment. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact with those you are talking with, and smile. By being engaging and having good body language you are sending the positive message that you are there for business.

  • Do not be distracted with technology. Everyone sees when you peak at emails or send a text under the table. Only use electronic devices in furtherance of the meeting’s goals. Feel free to use it to help locate information (a contact name, an important date, a statistic, etc.) in real time if it will help the meeting. Just let people know that is what you are doing.

  • Be prepared so that you can add value and contribute to the meeting. Take time before the meeting to complete your assigned tasks and organize your material.

  • Be an active listener – make eye contact, nod when you agree, ask follow-up questions, pay attention. Respect others’ opinions and suggestions and do not interrupt. There is no need to be disagreeable when disagreeing.

Follow these suggestions and your next meeting will be much more pleasant and productive.

Have a marvelous week - Catherine

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