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Handshakes Are Important.

Handshakes are the physical greeting that accompany your words, they reveal a great deal about inner traits, personalities, feelings, they certainly convey one’s attitude towards others.

We have all experienced a bad handshake.They don’t leave a good impression and they don’t feel good.

Good handshakes, on the other hand, are just wonderful. They signal warmth, welcoming and confidence. One always remembers a good handshake.

Good handshakes take practice. So stand up and take advantage of every opportunity to practice. One doees not normally shake hands from a seated position.

To do a proper handshake, stand straight and proud. You want to mirror the other person. That means you should face the other person with your shoulders squared to theirs and both feet facing the other person. Smile and extend your hand with the thumb up and the four fingers straight out. This facilitates a solid handshake where the two palms can connect. The webs of each hand should make contact. The web area is the skin between your thumb and your index finger. Your four fingers curl around the outer hand of the other person’s hand. This also helps facilitate palms connecting. Your elbow is the only joint that should be bending and moving. Two to three smooth pumps is all that is necessary, then release. You have just done a great handshake.

Have a marvelous week - Catherine

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