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Has The Summertime Eating Been Easy?

As we all try to enjoy the remaining days of summer, let’s review the proper way to eat "difficult" foods while looking marvelously well-mannered. Do you think that is impossible? Take heart for picnics, barbecues, and poolside spreads are necessarily casual affairs; it is appropriate to eat with your hands. Here are a few of the more popular foods likely to be served at end of summer parties, but let me know if you can think of others.

Watermelon - When served in slices and with seeds, eat with your hands and drop seeds into a cupped hand and place on your plate or napkin. If served cubed and in a bowl, then eat with a fork.

Corn-on-the-Cob - Butter and season only several rows at a time and eat with your hands. Do not eat like an old-fashioned typewriter. And do not butter the entire ear of corn at once - you will create a mess.

Fried Chicken - Another delicious food that is to be eaten with your fingers at outdoor parties. We recommend not licking your fingers. Instead, use your napkin.

If you are the hostess of an end-of-summer soiree, try not to serve these foods when your guests will be eating indoors. Rather, serve outdoors and provide finger bowls, a tray of refrigerated individual small terry cloth towels wrung out in marvelously scented water or extra napkins. Your guests will be forever grateful.

When eating all of these - as a guest or a host - keep a sense of humor, and your napkin handy.

Have a marvelous week - Catherine

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