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How Charming.

Who doesn't want to be charming? What does it mean to have personal charm? One of our favorite quotes about charm perfectly sums it up ...

Charm is the ability to make someone else think that both of you are wonderful. ~ Edgar Magnin

Manners and social skills help you develop charm, the foundation of charisma – a quality that every good leader possesses. So long story short, if you want to be a leader in life, mind your your manners.

Manners and social skills are learned skills and are important whatever professional path you take. Research indicates that 85% of professional success is connected to one’s people skills. You see, we rarely succeed on our own. We need other people. And possessing these skills helps us better interact with other people.

When you are confident in yourself because you know what to do and what to say and when to do it and how to do it, you are secure and at ease. This enables you to treat others with kindness, putting them at ease and making them feel welcome. People will enjoy being around you and begin to seek you out. When you are confident and others are at ease then everyone can turn their attention to your agenda at hand. Lead the way!

Have a marvelous week- Catherine

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