Having marvelous manners and social skills, knowing the rules of etiquette and possessing a certain “savoir vivre” – a knowledge of the rules of polite society – make life much more pleasant and productive. They give you confidence in any social and business situation and when you aren’t worrying about which fork to use or how to do a proper introduction you can focus on what's really important – your family, your friends, your business relationships and your guests.

These skills are important. Studies show 85% of professional success is connected to one's social skills. We are trained and licensed by the Protocol School of Washington, and provide up-to-date and relevant civility and business etiquette training. Click here learn more about our classes. 

Please check out our book, The Marvelous Millennial's Manual to Modern Manners. The tools millennials (and indeed, anyone) need for professional and personal happiness can be found by ordering our book today. See what people are saying about it:           

                                                                   “Good manners and etiquette in our daily lives will never go                                                                                                    out style. As they rightly state, possessing good manners means you also                                                                            possess a certain ‘kindness of spirit’. What a valuable lesson for millennials                                                                        in this fast-paced, rapidly changing technological world."

                                                                     ANITA MCBRIDE, Executive in Residence, School of Public Affairs at                                                                                      American University and the former Assistant to President George W. Bush                                                                         and Chief of Staff to the First Lady Laura Bush from 2005-2009.


                                                                              “If you listed 10 characteristics of human behavior that underpin a civil                                                                                           society, knowing where the dessert fork goes in a table setting might not be                                                                                 one of them. But good manners, proper etiquette and kindness are far                                                                                         more important to our human interrelationships than you think,                                                                                                     particularly when they are exercised in business, political, social and, yes,                                                                                     personal relationships. Thankfully, this new book, The Marvelous Millennial’s                                                                                 Manual to Modern Manners, offers an informative and entertaining re-                                                                                           introduction to, and hopefully revival of, the importance of manners and                                                                                     etiquette and how each should be practiced in all kinds of settings. It is a                                                                                     must read for the millennial generation to whom the book is directed.                                                                                           Please read it and thank you for doing so.”

                                                                                THALIA ASSURAS, President, Assuras Communications LLC and formerly                                                                                     an anchor and correspondent at ABC and CBS networks.


We are also trained and licensed to teach etiquette to children and teens

by the International School of Protocol.  


We invite you to enter Kindness Kingdom and play our award-winning fun, 

princess, fairy, tea-party themed board game. We love what one fan told us:

"Being a recently retired teacher, who has taught pre k through 8th

grade, teacher, principal,  librarian,  and having 7 and 8 year old
grandchildren, plus a 15 year old daughter, I had to buy this game

 when I saw it. We LOVE it! Reading skills, manners in all areas,
sportsmanship . . .I know the creation was long and tedious.

I highly recommend this game for children of ALL ages.

Thank you so much! - Beth H."


Learning manners at any age makes life so much more enjoyable!

Let us help you or your team today! 


"Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you -

not because they are nice but because you are." - Unknown

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