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Our Book Is Out!

It is here! This is what has taken up so much of our time over the past year ...

The Marvelous Millennial's Manual to Modern Manners is now available!

Yes, we know the name is a mouthful but each word is important to convey what the book is - and is not.

Millennials: Millennials – that is the target audience though the advice is relevant to ANYONE in the workplace.

Marvelous: We had to add Marvelous – because we wanted them to know this isn’t a book that is going to complain about millennials – we want them and those who love them to buy the book after all – and to read it! It is one that builds on all their great qualities. They love to collaborate. They are open-minded, empathetic and positive. Their social connectedness has helped spur our society to make digital technology an everyday tool. What this generation doesn’t have is a solid education in manners, business etiquette and dining skills.

Manual: we hope everyone who has the book keeps it within easy reach at work and continue to refer to it as situations arise.

Modern Manners: Each chapter is short and on point with relevant manners and etiquette information to help them succeed and again make modern life more pleasant and productive.

We have the most fun helping others understand both the importance of being well-mannered and that knowing the rules of etiquette can help make one's professional and personal lives more pleasant and productive. There is no downside to good manners!

Some may say manners, etiquette and civility aren't the most pressing issues out there. But we say, they are important – as do 69% of Americans who said lack of civility is a major problem in everyday life.

Manners lay the foundation for interacting with others so that everything else on one’s agenda – the "more important" stuff - has a shot of getting done. People rarely succeed alone in anything - we need other people. We need to know how to treat them well. And in the process, we learn how to treat ourselves well, too.

Please order The Marvelous Millennial's Manual to Modern Manners today and let us know what you think! It's also available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble - where you can leave a review.

The best thing about manners - they are priceless, but don't cost a thing (other than the cost of our book, The Marvelous Millennial's Manual to Modern Manners!

Have a marvelous week - Catherine & Jessica

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